Blondedy Ferdinand and Paul-Henry Athis join Tutu Demosthenes in his latest film

Posted on July 18, 2017, 8:55 pm
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Haitian actress Blondedy Ferdinand, who has just signed a contract for two films with prolific Haitian director Tutu Demosthene, will be joined by Haitian actor Paul Henry Athis.

The news appealed to the fans. Paul Henry Athis and Blondedy Ferdinand will be in Tutu Demosthe’s next feature film, “les conséquences cruelle de l’amour“. This is not the first time that Blondedy will be behind the Tutu camera. She also won the Best Actress Award for Dancing in the Shadow of Love directed by the same director.

Paul Henry Athis will find Blondedy behind the camera more than a decade after their appearance in the film The Colors of Dignity( Les couleurs de la dignite in french). Paul is best known for the movie Show Kola. He began his career in films such as The Rebel (La rebelle in french).

In 2012, he was acclaimed by the critics and declared better actor by Mag Haiti for his film The director (Le réalisateur in french) who was very successful with the actors Benz Antoine and Nathalie Ambroise.

According to the rumor circulating on social networks Tony Delerme and Paulson Azemar should join the cast.

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