Garcelle Beauvais talks about BWP Productions and Lalo’s House

Posted on July 05, 2017, 1:52 pm
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By Laguerre Carlens

Garcelle is an actress who has several talents; one of them is to be able to play several types of roles. What makes her a prolific actress, the fact of not staying in one part of the cinema allows her to land new roles in Hollywood. Last week the well-known actress in the NYPB blue series and Franklin and Bash granted an interview to Mag Haiti. She recently founded Beauvais Wilson Production and told us about her new role in the movie You Get Me, which was released on the Netflix online viewing platform. Now the star talks about the creation of BWP and the short film of which she is the producer Lalo’s House.

MH: When did you decide to create that production?

Garcelle: After Lisa (Wilson) and I met years ago on set we immediately knew we wanted to work together. So early this year we created BWP. It was a no brainer for us since our creative vision is so similar. Our main goal is to entertain our audience with a fresh voice and make movies that matter to the world.

MH: Tell us a little bit more about your friendship with Lisa

Garcelle: Lisa and I have a lot of fun together there never a time we’re not laughing. At times we are so in sync we actually finish each other’s thoughts. We have a mutual respect and admiration for each other that makes our professional bond unbreakable and our friendship remarkable.

MH:  Do you guys create this production only for female directors?

Garcelle: We aim to create a production that involves everyone not just women. However, as women we will always be an advocate for diversity and make sure our voice and vision is expressed through the eyes of women directors and writers. We all know gender equality continues to be a major issue in the industry so we plan on making our own path and create our own opportunities.

MH: Where the project of Lalo’s house came from?

Garcelle: Lalo’s House is a project who was brought to me and I knew immediately this was a story needed to be told! I wanted to be a part of not only as an actress but as a producer. So I brought the project to Lisa and she felt the same so we signed on as executive producers.

MH: After all these years of speculation you finally costar with Jimmy. What does that mean to you?

Garcelle: Jimmy is a great actor. He has energy about him that light up the set. Working with him on this project has been amazing. On set he’s the person that is always talking to the crew and making everyone laugh. His performance in his project is heartwarming and endearing and guaranteed to melt the hearts of everyone

MH: The first movie of BWP is partially filmed in Haiti. Is that a dream come true?

Garcelle: Haiti will always be home no matter where I live. This trip was especially important to me because I was able to take my two 9-year old boys, Jax and Jaid, with me. It was their first time going to Haiti.  Having them see the heritage that meant the world to me was very important. They loved being there and told me they can’t wait to go back. And of course their favorite part was the food and the beach.

MH: You play the Character of a Sister. Did you meet some sisters before filming so you can know your role?

Garcelle: Growing up catholic I was already familiar with nuns.  My character as Sister Francine comes with many surprises and since the story was inspired by true events lots of research went in to developing this complex role. Not to give anything away, let’s just say you will go through several emotions when you meet her.

MH: can you tease us the role of Jimmy Jean-Louis?

Garcelle: Hmmm. I don’t want to give anything away but Jimmy plays a dad that has to deal with one of most traumatic experiences a parent should never have to go through.

MH: What is the next project of BWP?

Garcelle: What is well we have several projects in the development stage from feature films to television series? We are excited to see what happens next and share it with everyone. This journey isn’t just for us; it’s for the next generation of filmmakers that need to know they can do it!

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